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Can’t Find Your Glasses? FINDY Can Help!

Are your children constantly misplacing their glasses? Do you know that Medical Identification pendants cannot trace whereabouts of your loved ones, regardless of age? We proudly introduce FINDY, the world’s first tracking device for glasses!

Primarily designed for attachment to eyewear for locating misplaced or lost glasses, installed here locally by a TSO Champions lab technician. It is so small and light, it does not influence the balance or comfort of the frame in any way. The FINDY App is easy to use to locate your misplaced or lost glasses by creating a buzzer on the frame rings.

FINDY can also be used for other items that are often lost or misplaced (Keys, bags etc.) with our free add-on.

FINDY is fitted onto the frame by our Optician Lab Technician. Battery is rechargeable and lasts up to 30 days. Recharging is done on the frame.

For more information please contact TSO Champions at 281-440-5887 and book appointment for viewing and fitting to your loved one’s eyewear frame.