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Cosmetic Optometry at TSO Champions

Whether it’s finding you the perfect contact lenses to replace your glasses or providing you with cosmetics that are designed to be gentle on the sensitive skin around your eyes, we believe that your eyes are beautiful, inside and out. At TSO Champions, we offer a variety of services and products such as eye exams to enhance the health and natural beauty of your eyes.

Our Specialties

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Contact Lenses

Clear contacts, defining contacts, and color contacts can be alternatives to wearing glasses, can define your eyes, and allow for a more youthful appearance.


Skin Care

Maintain the youthfulness of the gentle skin around your eyes, as well as calming redness foam by Zoria for individuals with rosacea, with creams and serums.


Lash Products

Explore how you can lengthen and thicken your eyelashes with products like Latissee and Zoria.



We offer makeup remover, foam applicators, and pads for gentle eye makeup removal, as well as mascara for sensitive eyes.

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Meet Our Eye Doctors

Dr. Ayesha Butt

Testimonial SpeachMark

Questions about Botox or Blepharoplasty?
Dr. Butt would be happy to discuss elective procedures.

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Latisse Lash Treatment at TSO Champions
Zoria Cosmetics at TSO Optical in Texas

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