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Specialty Eyewear

woman and child on a slide

  • Glasses for All Seasons, for All Reasons
  • Do you have difficulty driving at night? If you experience glare, halos and starbursts from headlights and streetlights ask your doctor about iZON eyeglasses. These lenses can remove the amount of abberation that traditional lenses leave behind and give you better vision for all of your daily tasks.
  • emPower! is the first electronic-focusing eyewear — it adjusts so you don't have to. So now you can adjust your vision simply by living your life.
  • Enjoy sports to the fullest, with no worries about eye safety. Learn more about the benefits of protective sports eyewear for you and your kids.
  • The proper spots eyewear will help you see as clearly in the pool and underwater as you do on dry ground.
  • Good vision is critical when hunting or using a firearm, so look for the right features when buying "shooting glasses" in or near Champions, Texas, Champion Forest and Spring, Texas.