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iZON High Resolution Eyeglasses


Did you know your eyes are like fingerprints? No two are alike—not even your own two eyes. And yet with conventional vision correction, thousands of people may share your same iPrint. Based on measurement technology used a generation ago, it’s this ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that can limit you from seeing beyond the ordinary. But now with the iZon® eye exam your eye care practitioner is able to capture your unique ocular fingerprint, or iPrint™, delivering a diagnosis with data never before available.  For the first time your prescription is a match to your unique optical requirements. Taking what is unique to your eyes and customizing your prescription, no one in the world will have your same iPrint.

Here’s what makes everybody’s eyes different: your eyes have tiny microscopic irregularities, or aberrations, that oftentimes distort light as it passes through the cornea and lens and onto the retina.  This can have a significant impact on the quality of your vision affecting things like depth perception, crispness, contrast, color perception and even nighttime vision. Until now there was nothing your eye doctor could do to identify or address these imperfections unique to your eyes.

Your Customized Lenses

With the information and data from your eye exam and your very own iPrint, your customized iZon High Resolution Lenses are produced.  And because these lenses take into consideration both traditional measurements and the unique aberrations of your eyes, your vision, for the first time, will be truly optimized. 

Seeing in High-Definition 

With iZon Lenses, your vision will be clearer, sharper and more vivid than you ever imagined. Current iZon wearers describe it as seeing the world in High-Definition.